sistemashi shesvla 2 3 transports item of any size or weight from USA to Georgia , having better tariffs and short delivery dates.

after the registration on our web site you immediately receive post address in USA and personal room number that is used during online shopping. After transports the items to Georgia

1) free courier service in Tbilisi and Rustavi;

2) Courier service on the territory of Georgia;
3) free repacking service;  
4) twice flight in a week
5) flexible tariffs.

 Parcel is counted using real mass, except items having special dimension.

Transportation payment can be accomplished in any bank of Georgia and also by the express pay box of the Bank’s.  

Our bank requisites:
receiver:  შპს "ჯორჯიან ექსრეს-Georgian Express" Ltd

IBAN: GE25BG0000000706414500GEL
Bank code: BAGAGE22

In the indication give your room number