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გამოფრენის თარიღი : 21.09.2018

ჩამოსვლის სავარაუდო თარიღი : 25.09.2018


გამოფრენის თარიღი : 18.09.2018

ჩამოსვლის სავარაუდო თარიღი : 21.09.2018


ჩამოფრენის თარიღი : 18.09.2018

გაცემა  19.09.2018  11 სთ-დან- 19 სთ-მდე


ჩამოფრენის თარიღი : 15.09.2018

გაცემა  17.09.2018  11 სთ-დან- 19 სთ-მდე


ჩამოფრენის თარიღი : 11.09.2018

გაცემა  12.09.2018  11 სთ-დან- 19 სთ-მდე


ჩამოფრენის თარიღი : 08.09.2018

გაცემა  10.09.2018  11 სთ-დან- 19 სთ-მდე



Usshop.ge transports item of any size or weight from USA to Georgia , having better tariffs and short delivery dates.

Free repacking service

In case of your request, we will repack fragile goods for free.

Twice flight in a week

We perform two flights per week. Every tuesday and friday.

Flexible tariffs

Benefits of large weight cargo

Parcel is counted using real mass

Parcel is counted using real mass, except car bumpers. Contact us for tariff.

We will help you to purchase desired item

The service is free. You pay only the cost and transportation fee. Send the desired item link to the mail support@usshop.ge
tel: 574 754466
tel: 579 047 047


GEORGIAN EXPRESS represents the affiliate firm of USSHOP company the American shipping company that since 2011 is accomplishing an air transportation of cargo and parcels of any size and mass that are sent from America to Georgia. We offer! Very quick service and low tariff price that is seen in Georgian market. We transport the online and personal parcels from America to Georgian within 3-5 days after subscribing it.


17, S. Kandelaki str.
Tbilisi, Georgia

34, I. Chavchavadze str.
Kutaisi, Georgia

Working hours

From Monday to Friday
From 10:30 till 19:00

From 10:30 till 16:00